Drum Extreme (DrumX) Classes

About: Our Drum Extreme program has been designed to educate and “Max Out” the FUN FACTOR!

Small teams of 5 - 8 students work together to explore rhythms and create musical ideas while learning the elementary rudiments of rhythm and percussion. Their creative compositions are documented as “RB”’s in the subsequent Drum Extreme Modules created by the students. Principles of design and pattern creation are applied to electronic drum kits, cups, (glow) basketballs and buckets, with other various forms of creative timbre. Artistic expression inspired by imagination and experimentation is carefully choreographed into the these drum compositions and uploaded to our DrumX platform.


Practical: Instruction is given in sticking technique and application. Students are required to learn and understand the various forms of meter, notation, tempo, dynamics, form and texture. The advancing student will be required to learn drum rudiments as outlined in stick control book. Flams, paradiddles and linear patterns are all used in the creation of RB compositions.

Drum Extreme

1 hour class - $32 (4 week registration)

*Instruments are provided by How Music and Arts Academy

How to Register: You can register your child at any time during the course as long as there is space available in the class. Programs run on a monthly basis and registration for the full month is required. For more information and how to register your child, please email us at info@howmusic.ca or call 604-908-0878 between 9:30am and 12pm Monday to Saturday. $15 per registration.