Music Exploration (MX) Classes

MUSIC EXPLORATION CLASS (maximum 10 students)

1 hour class - $22 (4 week registration)

*Instruments are provided by How Music and Arts Academy

A unique approach to learning is cultivated through Music Exploration (MX) Classes which are designed to give young students an opportunity to "explore" various musical instruments in a fun filled educational environment. For more information on HOW Music and Arts Academy's MX Classes click on the button below.



1.5 hour class - $60 (4 week registration)

*Instruments are provided by How Music and Arts Academy

The Advanced MX class is for students who wish to engage in instrument rotation at the higher levels of music. The maximum number of students for this class is 4-6, and we have an additional teacher present to assist in the learning of notation, lead sheets and band operations. The advanced MX class prepares the students for the stage and performances in various genres of music.

Private Class Options


1 hour class - $70 (1 Term registration)

  • Classical Guitar RCM
  • Classical Piano/Jazz Piano
  • Jazz Guitar/Instrumental Guitar
  • Bass Guitar 
  • Drums/Percussion
  • Introductory to Advanced levels
  • Theory
  • * Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations

Learn With A Friend Class

LEARN WITH A FRIEND (2 students)

1 hour class - $40/hour PER STUDENT (1 Term registration)

Students enjoy time spent with a friend and learn music all in one. Classical guitar duets and jazz accompaniments are a great way to build team dynamics and musical versatility. Select your instrument, your friend, and experience a fun filled environment of musical education.