Through your creative ideas kids get excited about playing instruments and exploring music. We really appreciate your creative way of igniting the love of worship through music in kid’s lives.
— Elena

I enjoy playing my bass guitar because my music teacher is very, very good and I love him. Learning bass makes me feel very, very happy and I love learning bass from Mr. Twist, he is the BEST and I LOVE him. I absolutely love my Bass Extreme class. It is so awesome because of Mr. Twist. I really enjoy playing worship songs and I love that Mr. Twist lets me play in Chapel in front of everyone.
— Olivia, Grade 4

THANK YOU, Ken, for giving my daughter the love of music and for being such a dedicated, strong, loving presence in her daily life. For this, you will always be CHERISHED by our family.
— Tracey

I want you to know how grateful I am to have someone teaching my daughter who is not only gifted musically but has a heart to give that gift back to our children and to God’s service in praise and worship. You are an inspiration and wonderful example!
— Anita

Your love of our kids and patience with them is amazing! Thanks so much for all you do with our kids and at our school.
— Brooke

Mr. Twist is such an amazing music teacher! Adam is lucky to be his student!
— Helen

Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed being in the Music Exploration class at Lions Gate Christian Academy for the past two years. She has been exposed to a variety of instruments as well as vocals. Ken’s gentle and calm demeanor provides for a wonderful learning environment. Last week as I stood outside the door waiting to pick up my daughter I literally had tears in my eyes as I heard these young children worshiping our Lord Jesus through their music and song! I count it such an incredible privilege to have my daughter be a part of this program, and look forward to the day when she and the other students will be leading the worship at our weekly school chapel. 
— Natasha

Having known Ken for 20 years, I have found him to be steadfast in honour towards others, faithful towards God, and deeply caring for children and youth.
— Dr. Albert Zehr

I have been involved in chapels and in Ken Twist’s music program since Grade 6. I can truthfully say that I know that I would not be the same person I am today if the music program that Ken Twist has founded at my school, Lions Gate Christian Academy, had not been there. I have not only learnt how to play multiple instruments which has done wonders for my education and school experience in general, but I have learnt how to be a leader. I have learnt how to get along with others despite differences through music and worship. I have learnt to stay in tune to the Spirit and how to live a kingdom-minded life. Mr. Twist has taught me music and how to worship for six years now, and I could not ask for a better teacher. Mr. Twist’s expertise in music is amazing. However, that is not his only gifting. God has placed Mr. Twist in a school for a reason. He is amazing at teaching children. I have had the privilege to volunteer in his Music Exploration classes and it is incredible to see how the children are learning. I started to volunteer in a few of the beginning classes, when the children were just being introduced to the musical world. I had to leave because my schedule was too busy but I have been in a few of the classes this January again. The children have learnt how to play not one instrument, but multiple instruments. They have grown individually as I have seen them learning to lead. These children can play entire songs, and I would personally trust them to lead a chapel, even though they are only in grades three and four. It truly is a sight to see, children who are only between the ages of 8 and 10, playing songs and worshipping to them. They learn how to get along with each other, how to share when they want to play a certain instrument that another is playing, how to care for their surroundings, and how to step out of their comfort zones. Most importantly, these children are, from a very young age, able to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They are learning how to be a part of the kingdom of God. Personally, I wish I had been able to be a part of the MX classes when I was younger. From what I have seen in these classes, Mr. Twist is being used to raise up a generation that is on fire for Christ and that will worship and lead others into worship, in Spirit and in truth.
— Tatum, age 16

This article was forwarded to Mr. Twist by the mom of this young student in Grade 4. She is one of Mr. Twist's composition students. This article was taken from an an art display in the school.

Words can not express our gratitude for your gift of music on our wedding day. Ken, who you are changed the atmosphere in the room and your skillful playing was a joy to hear and set the tone for the ceremony. Thank you.
— Janice & Kent